Wednesday, February 19, 2014

David Journal #4

1) My favorite chapter is chapter 3. I never knew there were 7 levels of stress and when I read this chapter it made me really think about the sounds of my poem more. I can now appreciate some of the great poets more. During my poet presentation, I really noticed the way Poe stressed and unstressed words in The Raven. Everything sounds so good and pleasing to the ear with his use of stresses and rhymes. I would really like to learn this so that my poems will not only have a good message but hopefully sound pleasing to the ear.  Rhyming is difficult but I feel like I can look up words that rhyme. They might not be on the levels of famous poets but it gets the job done. However, before reading this chapter I knew certain poems sounded good and fit well but I didn't know why. It made me want to keep reading and left me with a sense of curiosity but now when I read a poem I look for stresses.


Poem by William Carlos Williams

As the Cat
climbed over
the top of

the jamcloset
first the right

then the third
stepped down
into the pit of
the empty

The poem that taught me the most is probably Poem by William Carlos Williams. At first I thought it was a confusing poem and there had to be a reason he got rid of all the punctuation. The way he omits punctuation and the way he breaks lines really lets the reader focus on the sounds. It's like he plays with our minds in this poem. I really feel the imbalance of the cat as it's walking. The sounds just teeter and totter and I think it's so cool that someone is able to do that. The whole first stanza is just moving back and forth. Each line had a stress in a different word: the "cat" in the first line, "climbed" in the second, and "top" in the last line. This really lets me see the cat move from the right to the left. This really makes me want to be able write using stresses like this. Even a poem so simple as this can sound so good and really imprint an image in my mind.

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