Monday, February 10, 2014

David's Journal #3

2.        When I enrolled in this class, one of my impressions of poetry was that it was a way to escape reality and be a different person. Hugo kind of said the same thing when he said "I seemed to use the poems to create some adequate self. A sissy in life, I would be tough in the poem" (79). The example that immediately follows that quote is my favorite and the one that taught me the most. Hugo even says that the man in "The Index" is forced to accept reality. He wrote this during the period he was in the war so the poem was clearly influenced by his war experiences. I really like how he is completely different as a person than he is when he wrote this poem. Hugo also says that he changed and no longer understands it but I like how he completely changed who he was at the time and put himself in a different mindset to be able to write that poem. This is the kind of poetry I was looking for when I enrolled in this class.

3.        One of the best examples of vulnerability I could find was in the chapter "Ci Vediamo." His poem "Centuries near Spinnazola" really showed his vulnerability. After walking for hours and no hope for a ride, he just laid down. This sense of hopelessness showed how vulnerable he was in that situation, willing to lie down on the road. I thought it was informative because instead of escaping reality, his vulnerability embraced it. Sometimes you just can't escape and you just have to accept it. The poem that he wrote about was almost exactly of his experiences. The moment when we hit our lowest point, is the moment that will change your life. It might not have changed his life but it definitely had a large impact on his life for him to write about it. I have a lot of respect for Hugo for being able to share that with his readers.

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  1. I agree with your prompt #1. When I entered the class I believed that poetry was a way of release and communication with yourself that you wouldn't usually get just through daily though and conversation with others. I too used the same quote as you not realizing that we both decided to use the same excerpt. From your answer to prompt #3 I too realized how much that poem showed how vulnerable Hugo was. I believe that that poem painted such a detailed image in my head and I could really imagine how much he was struggling.


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