Wednesday, April 9, 2014

David's Journal Número Cinco

        I thought everyone's poems were awesome and each had something unique and cool about them. I wish I could talk about them all but that would take forever. The two I picked were Coral's "Depression Speaks, Light on the Tree" and Remi's "Dear You." I picked Coral's was very brave in sharing her private thoughts and talking about touchy subjects and I really wanted to acknowledge that. I picked Remy's because I've known him for awhile and we never get to really talk about feelings like this so it's nice to let loose and it makes me glad we both chose this class.

        I don't mean to be bias or anything but I think Coral set a high standard for this class. In all her poems, I feel like she puts a lot of emotion into these. In this poem, Coral talks about Christmas and I immediately think about family, food, and happiness but after hearing it, it was almost the exact opposite. The language that made me think this is the way she used the colors on Christmas lights and a good description of everything. I can imagine lights blinking when she says "forever changing Christmas lights." This makes me think that they are constantly flashing, I also think they might have changed Coral forever. They could have changed her Christmas experiences or her in general. They made Christmas different because now Coral has a negative emotion to this one specific Christmas and Christmas lights. Coral talks about red being anger which makes sense because it's a strong color. Coral then talks about blue being weak which is different because when I think of blue, I think of soothing and calm emotions. Blue doesn't sooth or calm Coral instead she's just waiting for a panic attack and I felt like I was in her place with the way she described things. My heart was beating when she read this like something was going to happen or I was having a panic attack. I think I might have felt this because of the rush of colors flashing before me almost like epilepsy. On top of the visuals of colors is when Coral says she thinks it's her fault. Now I feel guilt and anxiety. I thought this was an awesome poem. I felt like I was there and everything was so vivid in my mind.

        When I heard Remmy's poem I thought of Infatuation. I understand that he recently went through a break up and I never really asked about it because it's not really my business if he doesn't want to share, but what I got from this poem is he is doing better than I thought. He's having fun or feeling better because of this one girl he spent the day with. It reminds me of being younger or even now too. I imagine being in school where I sit in class with a girl. Even though I don't talk to her or look at her it feels nice just being in the room with her even if I know it probably won't amount to anything (this might not be the case for Remmi). I thought of this because he used "hard to describe water." Feelings are just hard to explain. I don't have a crush on her but things just are. It reminded me of my poem in a way. When you show a bit of interest, you notice more things about a girl. Like when I noticed blonde hair and he noticed golden locks. It's nice hearing all these things about a friend. It's weird for friends to write poems and share with each other but each time Remy and I write a poem we trade immediately and don't really care because this class lets us do that. I can even tell we both put a good amount of effort into each poem so they're all sincere. His poem not only makes me think of infatuation and love but also about friendship in a way. It could even be about a friendship with a girl.

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