Sunday, March 2, 2014

Workshop poem- Flo Freeman

2014 Come Visit Me ...I Am Where Everyone Wants to be....I am the great Blue Sea

My H 2 O shimmers like snow.
Sand occupies my seaweed hair.
Ca-Ca the seagulls sound.
Salt water engulfs the air.

Tumbleweeding through the waves.
The ocean is my name.
Seashells soaked in salt are my slaves,
packed with strength and so much fame.

The sun beats down my face,
as the walkers runners wanderers pass me by.
The sand fills my toe space
as my tide lets out a big sigh.

Tourists plop their beach chairs on my chest.
Babies gulp my alkaline tears.
Lifeguards whistle when I put one to the test.
Divers swim down my spine with no fears.

My tide endures metamorphosis.
With the daylight sun my foamy spit falls down.
Darkness sounds with emphasis
my symphonic waters cannot be bound.

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