Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From Mike Lohre: I sent these prompts as attachments

Yet I thought I better post them here to so it is easy for you all to see what is due.

Here is the content of the attachments I sent to your buckeye mail.

All best and see you here on the blog and next week Monday in class!

Mike Lohre

JOURNAL 3 in response to finishing The Triggering Town
Now that we are done with the book, let’s take time to respond to a few major concepts in the book. 
Requirements: Choose two of these three following prompts (your choice) and compose some paragraphs in response on the blog.  Let’s shoot for at least 250 words (that’s about a typed page), and let’s use a direct quote from one of the last five chapters of the book somewhere in your response.  Put the page number at the end of your quote.  Let’s post these by Friday, Feb. 7 at midnight.  Let’s write comments to two other students in the class by Sunday, Feb. 9 at midnight.
1.You have noticed Hugo is a storyteller, from the stories about Captain Simmons in his war service years to the remarkable squatter story featured in the book’s last chapter.  Which of the many stories told in the book affected you the most?  Why do you think Hugo uses so many personal stories in a book about craft and poetry writing?
2.Hugo includes many poems and examples and discussions of writing technique in his book.  Which poem, idea, or specific example taught you the most?  Describe and explain.

3.Hugo touches often upon themes like honesty, obsession, vulnerability, academia, humor, and so forth.  Share your best ideas and write about one theme that you noticed and thought was quite helpful or important in the book. 

HOMEWORK For this weekend, and for Monday, Feb. 10 in English 2266
}Read the prompt for the Journal on our blog carefully and let’s share our ideas now that we have finished Hugo.  You’ll see that your Journal is due by Friday night and your Comments are due by Sunday night.
}You may begin work on your Terms worksheet for Chapters Three and Four in Writing Poems.  They are due and I will collect them at the start of class on Wednesday, Feb. 12.
}Read actively Chapter Five, “The Sound and Look of Sense” in Writing Poems.
}For those of you doing Presentations next week: practice and polish.

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