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Metaphor Poems from class

The exercise was to write four metaphors each to complete the following two lines:

Your touch feels like. . .
The sound of your voice is like. . .

Out of those metaphors, you choose your best three of the eight.
With a partner, you choose one of the triggering lines as a title, and added a setting to the title.
Then you started the poem with one metaphor and built the poem and stanzas from there, with each of you contributing alternating lines or some other form of shared composition.

Here are the results:

Remy and Katie

Your Touch Feels Like
1942 in New York City 

Sometimes your touch feels like
a silky robe,
hot tea on a cold day
or a warm pan on a stove.

But sometimes your touch feels like
a million fire ants,
burning hot coals,
and a hard stale gummi candy.

Flo and Ammar

The Great Depression in America--
Your Touch Feels Like 

The coldness
of marble on a winter day,
an angel that sins,
or a million snake skins
waving against all that is good.

Like sandpaper
against rough wood,
like boiling blood, like
the flashing flames in a flood.

Coral and Jana

The Sound of your Voice (is Annoying)

The sound of your voice is like a baby crying
Or when a husband watches the terrifiying miracle of birth.

The touch of your soft skin is like baby poop,
But your voice is like monkies fighting over a banana.

Can't get enough of your touch like ice cream
or free candy in the library.

Alexis and David
1920 in a Coffee Shop in Paris

The sound of your voice is like. . .
     the smell of apple pie
     an old T-shirt
     or the new bristles of a paint brush.

Like someone
     chewing with her mouth open
     or wasps landing
     in poison.

Sarah and Tyson

The Sound of Your Voice Is Like 2014 in Marion, Ohio

Your voice is like listening to a baby cry through the night.
     Like tacos on my tongue.
     Like a pedophile claiming innocence.

     Like a warm summer breeze.
     Like a psychopath, feeling less.
Like a delicate flower in full bloom.

Samantha and Kris

The Sound of your Voice Is Like 
Dreaming In 19(Hundred)61
At the Drive-In Theater 
Over By The Railroad Tracks
Behind the Ice Cream Stand 
Across The Ohio River Near Cincinnati

Your touch is like a hurricane
                              of throwing stars
like some sweet
                                classical music
or the smell of rotting

Like those constantly
           yelling neighbors, the sound
of a tattoo                machine
like                    rugburn.


2042 Orion: The Sound Of Your Voice

is like jet-lag on a leap year,
a new experience I am scared of,
or Anastasia amnesia.

It's like heaven--I have nothing
to fear like shady shadows,
like jet-lag (with?) leap year.

like electric waterflows.

Wow.  Lots of great language here!

Language is where it all starts.  Then get creative.  Use the line.  Use space to compose.  Be imaginative.  Use punctuation.  There are so many possibilities.

Great job students and fun to see what you came up with.  Hope you don't mind the tweaks and playing around I did with the forms, just to show some variety of approaches and what is possible.

Mike Lohre

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