Monday, February 10, 2014

Remy's Journal #3

1) Hugo had told several short stories throughout the book, I think he did this because he was really trying to get his point across. He tried to use stories that people may relate to or that might speak to them in a way that just explaining an idea would. My favorite short story was about the jazz trombonist, Hugo was saying that he was so good that when he would go up to solo he would forget everything he knows, his point was that once you have enough technique with writing you can almost forget it because it just comes naturally. He then quotes Jack Nicklaus: "after [he] had chipped a shot in from a sand trap, "That's pretty lucky." Nicklaus is suppose to have replied "Right. But I notice the more I practice, the luckier I get." I really liked that and it spoked to me. The more practice I get with things whether it be writing, music, or sports,  the more I practice, the better I'll be.

2) I really liked the poem from James Wright, the point that Hugo tried to make from this was that he believes that if anyone obsesses enough or tries enough, that they will find a way to write. I like it because it makes me think if I really do try hard enough I can actually write good poems. I need to believe in what I'm writing though and not try to write a good poem to say I did, I need to really just write about something I am passionate about and hopefully over time a good poem will come from it.

3) I really liked the theme of practice or repetition. He really tried to pound the idea that if you try hard enough or if you do it long enough, you will get better. It really made a difference for me, rather than spending thirty minutes on writing a poem, if i spend an hour or two really working on it, going through ideas, the best of them will shine. Making a better poem and a better poet out of myself. Practice is important with anything and it was something Hugo stressed a lot.

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