Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flo's First Blog Post

Hi my name's Flo, well I go by Flo, but my real name's Florence Freeman. I'm 18 and I'm a sophomore at OSUM. I finished my freshman year during my senior year of high school which explains why I'm so young. My major right now is Bio Pre-Med. I come from a family of 11 kids going on 12. Music is a HUGE passion of mine. Not making it, but listening to it and attending concerts and fests. I love meeting new people and seeing what the world has to offer. I usually never turn down an opportunity that allows me to broaden my horizons. I'm in this poetry class because after taking an intro to poetry class my freshman year I realized I actually really enjoy poetry. I definitely like to read it more than write it, but I'm teaching myself that it can be used as an outlet and a way to express myself.

My favorite quote from The Triggering Town, would have to be "if you feel truth must conform to music, those of us who find life bewildering and who don't know what things mean, but love the sounds of words enough to fight through draft after draft can go on writing- just try to stop us" (Hugo, 4). I think I love this quote so much because it explains exactly who I am as a person. I'm not the type of person who is set on what life is or anything, but I still continue to find beauty in the little things like how a small child laugh as snowflakes falls on her face or how an old man still looks at his dwindling wife with the same love in eyes that he would have 30 years ago. I often find myself focusing in on the little things, I love the sounds of words, the noise that they make, the way that everyone who says them says them differently. All of these things are extremely inspiring to me and make me want to write even more.

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