Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Remy's first blog post

Hi my name is Remington Gilliland, I usually go by Remy.  I’m 18 and I’m a freshman here at Marion. I don’t have a major yet; I’m still exploring my options, although most of my course load is leaning towards some form of engineering. I play the trumpet and plan to be apart of TBDBITL next year.  I play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee golf and I also plan to be on Ohio State’s Ultimate Frisbee team next year when I am at main campus. I really enjoy music; I have an extremely diverse musical library, if I had to pick a few of my favorites they’d be Childish Gambino, The Beatles and Muse.  I could talk about music for hours.

            One of my favorite quotes that stuck with me from Triggering Town was “One way to use words for the sake of their sounds”. It made me realize the importance of words and how sometimes you don’t have to read into the words and their meanings because maybe the poet or author picked their words because of how they sound. Like if someone was writing a dark passage they would maybe use more long O sounds because those words sounds solemn and sad. Whereas one may us short e and a sounds because they are cheery and uplifting. When I read through lyrics or poems I really need to take into consideration the words and their sounds and not just their meaning. The author or poet chooses to use each word for a reason. Nothing is random. So when I go to write I need to think more about the words I use and how they sound.

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  1. I love music too! Childish Gambino's "Freaks and Geeks" is in my top favorite songs for sure. I love The Beatles and Muse too! I really do enjoy that quote from the triggering town because it's okay to use a word in a poem if it makes it sound better or prettier even if it wasn't necessarily true to the situation that you're writing about.


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