Monday, January 27, 2014

Tyson's First Blog Post

Hello, my name is Tyson  Colley and I’m a psychology major here at OSU; due to graduate in the spring.  I’m 116 seasons old and have been an Ohio resident ever since I could remember, though I was born in Texas.
  Recently, my hobbies include watching YouTube videos and participating in online debates in the categories relevant to psychological and evolutionary science, morality, and theism. An interesting fact about me is that my wife and I originally got married in Las Vegas 8 years ago.  This rightly upset our families (it seemed like a good idea at the time) so we decided to “renew our vows and have a reception” only 3 months after our wedding.
“Words love the ridiculous areas of our minds.  But silly or solid, assumptions are necessary elements in a successful base of writing operations.  It is important that a poet not question his or her assumptions at least not in the middle of composition.  Finish the poem first, then worry, if you have to, about being right or sane.”  This passage made me stop in my tracks and immediately reach for the highlighter.  Far too often in my past writing I stopped myself in expression due to reading back what I was creating and over analyzing it.  This has changed some of my work in the past, probably to a dishonest result for fear of judgment from a reader. I think the advice in the passage holds utility and will be a powerful in creating volume and stopping writers block before it occurs.

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