Saturday, January 25, 2014

Samantha's First blog post

Hi my name is Samantha Stover. My last name is actually Lynch I've just been too lazy to change it since I got married, I'm not trying to be progressive and keep my maiden name. If you want to do that some day, good for you; I hate my last name. I'm a graduating senior this semester as an English major. I'm also expecting my first kid in May, so you all get to see me get huge. I live in Columbus with my husband Drew and our dog Neptune. A fun fact about me is that I have about 7 tattoos, all with various meanings. I definitely intend to get more tattoos someday and I'm currently working on designing my next one. Tattoos for me are art, so you won't see me getting something off of the wall in a tattoo shop (it's one of my biggest pet peeves).

 What I've really found helpful in reading Triggering Town is not letting myself get tied to one subject throughout the poem. Also another thing that I've enjoyed testing out is using simple lines. I've found that my poems tend to have much more meaning and impact when I write that way. Hugo has a very laid back nature that I really get along with so I've really enjoyed reading his book. It's helped me a lot with my writing. The things he talks about are so simple too. He's very easy to read.


  1. Hey, Samantha! I totally agree with what you've said about Hugo. I've also found the idea of getting off the trigger subject super helpful and freeing, and that I tend to write with deeper meaning that way. I think it's kind of cool but strange how you can get deeper meaning if you let your mind wander.

  2. It is pretty easy to go along with what he says since he's not some snob trying to force you into writing like him. It kind of seems like that's what they do in Creative Writing classes in high school.

  3. I agree Sam, one of the biggest issues with a writer and I find myself doing it is getting lost in wording. Enjoy the art of words, but keep close the reality of what the reader wants to experience.


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