Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jana: Journal 5

The first poem I would like to start of talking about is Tyson's poem called "A Letter to Jack from Ohio". I knew I wasn't the only one who thought you were talking about a human being. See at first just like a the majority of us thought you were talking about a friend you hate so much or dad or just some person that you have so much hate for but little did I know that it ended up being for the snowman in Frozen. I think just like everyone in class did not see that coming right away. I loved how you were talking about a movie the whole time in a poem I think that is very impressive. You put so much feelings to it like it was a real person it sounded like you hated that Jack person and wanted him gone. So when I finally realized and that was in the end of the poem when you said it to go away and never come back referring it to the weather then I knew. Anyways great poem I thought it was genius how one person can talk about weather the whole time but make it seem like it was a person and the way you added so much hatred to it, that alone made the poem even more strong. I also would like to say yes I also believe that we all we are becoming better poets day by day.

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