Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hi viewers
Due to my late arrival, I was unable to actively listen to each of the wonderful poems. This experience of performing our poems to the class varies from our normal workshops we have grown comfortable with. 

Not having a copy of the poets work, draws the audience in by grasping for every word. Once a word is spoken, we only have our memory to recall the vibrations emitted, nothing visual.

For this reason, I enjoyed this version of workshop. I found taking notes on the poems somewhat difficult, as I wanted to use my imagination and place myself into the world of the poem. Plus, writing with eyes closed does not produce legible handwriting.

To be honest, everyone has matured in this writing course. We all have our go-to bank of information and experiences we base our writings from, but the more ideas we express, the more in-depth we journey.


Dear Ola Ali
Ammar, you reeled me into your poem as if I were a fish. A dedication poem to your mother, inspired by a recent phone call while you sat in the basement with Jana pondering topics to write on. Dear Ola Ali, expresses your love for this special lady in your life. The use of experiences in your poem are well-ordered. The fact you brought the sense of smell made this repetition of smells that your mother has to put up with more reader relatable. Thank you.

Nature’s Reminder of Grushes’ Home at the Rock House in Hocking Hills Ohio in the spring of 1984
Jherek, The title you have chosen for this piece is epic. I had to hear it three times before I was able to write it all down. With a title such as this, your poem defiantly stood up to the greatness you entitled it. I was visually taken away, riding inside the vehicle as your father raced over the ledge, holding tight to the carpet as you did.  I played Indians with you and your brother in the forest and saw that giant rock structure. Lunch tasted awesome and your dad did take a lot of photos. You kept us hanging on even at the very end as your shoe laces dangle over that rocky cliff. Thank you.

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  1. Thinks for posting. it was Gruss not Grush , I pronounced it wrong cause I was in a Rush of thought, Gruss is that weathering of granite . . . thanks sirk


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