Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Remy's Journal response 5

I really enjoyed writing this poem and getting the chance to share with everyone, it felt good to put thoughts into words. I also really enojoyed listening to everyone else's poems. Great job evreyone! They were all great and I liked all of them! So picking two to respond to is kind of hard.

First I would like to reply to Katie's poem "Watching the Sunrise" saying this poem was eloquent and full of color would be an understatement. This poem was so well done and it was bursting with color! I really liked the use of language to help paint the scene of the sunrise on Lake Eerie. There were so many great words used it was hard to scribble them all down, but the ones i caught were "kissing, crystalline, metamorphasis, fierece, piercing, stunning, reverant, orb, pomegranet, vibrant" The vocab was just as colorful as the description. The feeling I got from the poem was a happy, warm feeling because all i could think about was the warm glow of a sunrise. It really made me want to go to a beach or a coast to see a sunrise/sunset. Just the way she desecribed the sun coming out across the water. It sounds beautiful and one of those situations where a picture doesnt do it justice. WEll done Katie! Thanks for sharing!

The next poem I would like to respond to would be "Blonde Beauty" by Mr. David. I liked this poem, I've known David for awhile and I never heard this story! So it was fun hearing it, especially with the great description he used. I thought the language he used was very descriptive like the "blaring alarm, steamy bathroom, hazy wake up" all things that I've experienced and could imagine to help make the poem more relatable. This poem made me think of my wisdom teeth, which was nowhere near as bad as david's experience with his mouth surgery. But it made me a little queasy when he described the red rushing blood. Which was a good thing! It made the poem feel real! I thought the poem gave me a sense of light in a bad situation, cause he was getting his surgery, but there was a pretty assistant that he will always remember, which seems to block out the bad in the situation. Good poem buddy, hope you got her digits.

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  1. Thank you! It definitely was an experience where if I'd photographed it, it would look not nearly as impressive as it did in person...I'm actually not even sure I did it justice in the poem, but I'm glad you liked it.


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