Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sarah's Journal 5

First, I'd like to thank everyone for just listening and letting me listen to you. It's a very simple thing, but it's often hard to come by. I enjoyed hearing everyone's poems. There were pieces and parts of them all that I liked and wrote down in my notes. However there were two poems that I found more relate able for me and my tastes. One of the things I like to read and write about is love, whether it ends well or not. That's no secret to you all. The hopeless romantic in me can't help it, I guess. This might be why I liked these two poems so much, and decided to respond to them.

So without further ado, I'd like to respond first, to Flow's poem, "Love in the past"
A lot of the lines in her poem rang true to me. We've all had relationships that don't work out, and they all seem to end the same way. With phrases along the lines of "I hope we can still be friends" or "stay in touch". I realize that these might not be exact quotes from her poem and I apologize. (I was still getting used to taking notes when she read the poem.) I believe the exact words were "You gave me hope I wouldn't be forgotten." The point being, we've all heard this or said this whether we meant it or not. because what's the alternative? "It's been fun, I never want to see you again."? However saying this gives someone false hope in a hopeless situation. (Which obviously, takes it's toll on the other person.)

Another thing I found relate able in her poem was her liking of the past love's hoodie. As a girlfriend, I think it's in the rule book that we have to steal at least one. Why? I don't know? Maybe the fact that it smells like him, it shows you belong to him, who knows? Whatever the case as to why we want one, when you're no longer with that person and you still have it in your possession, you cling to it. It keeps them there, in a way while you get closure. (At least from my perspective.) I guess, I liked this aspect or her poem a lot because it's nice to know I'm not crazy, and I'm not the only one that does this kind of thing.

The second poem I would like to respond to is "Dear You" by Remmy.
I'd first like to say that the imagery in this poem was fantastic. He made it so easy to picture her. (Blonde, green eyes, cute smile that's not ear to ear, but still cute). She sounds lovely. *I know everyone hates that word and sees it as a bad thing.. But I personally do not take it facetiously*. There was also a great deal of feeling in this poem. I didn't write down a lot of exact quotes but of the few that I did I liked the line "You're everything I want" Maybe it's because I'm sappy and I think it's really cute, or because I know what it feels like to feel that way and to have someone say that to me. I've used this word a lot but, it really is relate able.

The biggest thing I liked about his poem that stuck with me is that, it was a love letter. The long-hand, full of feeling, you'd wait by the mailbox to receive one, kind of love letter. I don't think there's enough of those anymore. We take handwritten sentiments for granted. With all of the technology that we have, it's considered time consuming to actually sit down and write on paper your feelings for someone. But he did it. He cares enough about this girl to do so. *Being a third party observer I really hope she get's the chance to read it. Whether his feelings are reciprocated by her or not, she'd love to read I'm sure.*

I'd once again like to thank everyone for your poems, your consideration, and your time. It's greatly appreciated.


  1. Sarah, this was such a thoughtful post and good-hearted in its appreciation of every person's effort and talents in class. Thanks for getting us started in such a positive way. Good work!

  2. Thank you Sarah!! I'm glad you liked my poem! I appreciate your comments and feedback. I hopeeee I can share it with her, but who knows!


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