Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sam's Journal #5

Poem 1) for response.

Dear You by Remy

I really enjoyed this poem. Particularly the lines about this girl's smile and why he wanted to make her smile and laugh just so he could see it. I felt this was very real and something that a lot of guys totally in love with a girl would relate to. The emotions and feelings in the poem were things that I could really feel and felt very genuine within the poem. It made me remember how I felt when I was younger and I had hope about new relationships. There is a strong theme of hope in love throughout this poem, which I thoroughly enjoyed. There is a joyous happy sentiment about a girl present but in an original way. The speaker did a great job avoiding typical cliches associated with these sorts of poems. He came up with his own lines that made the emotion in this poem very real. I could tell that each of the lines were really thought out. I even felt bummed at the end hearing that this girl had a boyfriend, but what I had forgotten about young love, is the hope it still has that things may work out in it's favor, and the hope remained.

Poem 2) for response

Blonde Beauty by David

In this narrative poem the speaker takes us through oral surgery which seems to have become routine for him. We go with him waking up and getting ready for his day. In the bathroom the lights are bright and he's disoriented, but the warm shower is comforting. Later on in the poem he brings us back to this point referring to the Blonde beauty and how she makes him feel comfortable after this bummer of a dental procedure. Having had my own experience with getting my wisdom teeth removed- all of which were impacted- I related to the line about the anesthesia and hating the smell of it, going to sleep but it's not a good sleep and his waking, "freezing, dizzy and fuzzy." While there are these elements that are yucky about this trip they all seem over shadowed by the warmth of this blonde beauty. What I appreciated very much was his line saying, "it wasn't a crush... it just was." To me I read this as the woman just had a comforting presence, whether if it had to do with how she looked or specifically how she treated the speaker that made him just feel better, even if he did vomit blood and saliva in front of her.I can very much relate to the sort of sentiment that this poem embodies so well, capturing what seems like small moments of comfort or happiness, with an appreciation for just what they are. I loved this narrative poem.


  1. Thanks for the comments and feedback Sam! I really appreciate it! I'm glad that you could relate to it

  2. You definitely put it into better words than I did. A comforting presence is a perfect way to describe it. You can always find good things in bad moments like surgery and recovery. Thanks for responding, I'm glad you liked it!


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